Boogie avec le Marquis le Marquis’ Intimate Diary

“Razor Blade Smile” THURSDAY, 1 MARCH, 2001, NEW ORLEANS
Razor Blade Smile I was drawn downstairs today by Melusine’s loud cackle. Something seemed to be might-eeeee funny down there, and I had to see what the fuss was about!

It was a very bad opening to what would turn out to be a very bad film. “Razor Blade Smile,” a trashy, lo-budget British vampire Femme Nikita-type movie.

Melusine, Kallistí and I watched this dreadful gem, howling all the way through, then promptly wrote a review of it.

Not satisfied with just the review, Kallistí mentioned wistfully, “Too bad you can’t video capture.”

Oh but I can my dear! I have a video capture cardy-thing for my PowerBook which I’d only used once before. Hooked up the VCR and we spent some time grabbing pertinent clips from the film and screen snaps to embellish the review we had written.

Then spent some giggly time putting together the web page.

I’m all Razor-Blade-Smile’d-out now. So you go read our review and maybe catch a few samples of this little film, hmm?

That is all.

“DJ, SAVE my life!” TODAY: Ohio Express: “Yummy Yummy Yummy (I’ve Got Love In My Tummy)” (2.1 MB)