BIO: The nom de plume ‘Marquis Déjà Dû’ is derived from the book Les Liaisons Dangereuses and was adopted for use in an ongoing writing project for Sepulchritude which began in the early 90s in San Francisco. The name stuck with me and my amanuensis, ‘Le Marquis’, has been my muse ever since.

The surname ‘Déjà Dû’ is a play on ‘déjà vu’ obviously, but employs the past participle of the verb devoir — ‘should’ or ‘must’. Déjà meaning of course ‘already’, the name translates to ‘already should have’ or, more loosely, ‘too late’, which I think is rather sad and funny; but then, life is rather sad and funny.

My declared major in college was “undecided.” I feel I have lived up to my education very precisely. “Undecided” means leaving one’s options open. I have changed my cities of residence and my careers with the same frequency the homeless change their underwear — about every two years.

I came to New Orleans in 1996. It took a two year hiatus away from New Orleans to make me realize that I had finally found home. Now I am here to roost.

I spent years in the tech biz, tending to tasks ranging from system administration, network engineering, graphic and web design, and tech support to anything else you can name. It was a promising career and I was on my way up a ladder of some sort. But my ‘undecided’ roots kicked in and I became bored sitting in offices all day listening to the fussy click-clacking of middle-management heels on linoleum. Also, I have allergies to all things khaki.

At present I still take the odd design or technical job for clients whose projects I fancy, but I’m much happier working late night hours in seedy locals’ bars in the French Quarter, in particular, The Hideout on lower Decatur Street. I am there Saturdays and Sundays after 2am. You should come by. There is always mischief afoot.

I am a writer and classical pianist (though I have not performed since a brief stint playing keyboards for Joe Leeway of the Thompson Twins). I also paint and enjoy attending those gallery openings just to see what people will wear. My birthday is 28 July, 1969, which makes me a double Leo, so just back off man — you’re not going to win. I wear my hair long because I like it when people play with it. I am gay, but not in an annoying way. i.e., you won't see me wearing rainbow-splattered clothing (except for this) or dancing to shit music in trite fagclubs. I am single and entertaining offers. SUMMER SPECIAL! My standards are being lowered for July and August! Hurry! Make your move!

I enjoy waking up from last night’s binge-fest without a hangover, sitting on the balcony in warm summer southern thunderstorms preferably with a good friend or a better lover. I enjoy traveling but enjoy coming home even more. I like reading myself to sleep or, better yet, being read to. And peanut butter. I do love peanut butter. Yes indeed.

You can keep up with my daily shenanigans in my journal.

Or chat with me if you have something to say.